Myspace thinks I want a record contract.

For Kill The Ghoul!

That’s funny.

Especially if you’ve taken the time to listen to the crap that I’ve created and called it by that name. No thanks, Myspace, a record contract will not be necessary.

Instead, I’ll just listen to Jimmy Olsen’s Blues by the Spin Doctors. Now there’s some real talent. Not that talent is necessary. I got into an argument today with a friend of my teenage niece over the talent of one of my least favorite groups, Nickleback. Nickleback, along with 3 Doors Down, Puddle of Mud and Creed are among the reasons one should never listen to the radio. Nor should you go to the movies as you’ll be treated to a larger than life size military commercial set to one of these fine act’s music. They all have me convinced that to be on the radio, all you have to do is get a songwriter to come up with something catchy, then play it over and over under different names and you’ll be a hit.

And there has to be something subliminal in the music, otherwise I have no idea why these bands have such a following. Of course, we are living in a society that loves whatever the radio or TV tells them to love and there is no shortage of radio rock acts smothering the airwaves. And what I like is how the followers of these bogus acts have bands like Breaking Benjamin and the Shinedown among others under their favorite music acts, yet they trash a true visual artist like Lady Gaga? It’s no secret that I love Gaga, and I think one of the reasons is because there’s no beating around the bush with her. Pop music, like it or not, has always been about an image, and she certainly has one. An image that has, in fact, gotten her record label to tell her that her choice of album cover wasn’t “pop” enough…even though they told her when she came out that she wasn’t “pop” enough, herself, which has proven to be the bonehead statement of the decade. Lady Gaga stands for art, acceptance, equality and love and carries it in a no-apologies stride that no one has delivered since Madonna. I’ve seen talent, ladies and gentleman, and she had coke cans in her hair.

Once again, not like talent matters. *coldplayowlcityasherrothtraptstaindniclebackpuddleofmudcreedmuse*

On second thought, Myspace, I think I’ll take that record contract. Kill…The…Ghoul…

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Taco night stuffed me
Even more than usual
Belly says “bed time”

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