These dogs have created a circus.

For the most part, my dog hates my parent’s dog.  It isn’t that he’s a bad dog, rather, it’s a weird mixture of Chico not having the ability to get tired or leave Trudy alone and Trudy’s spoiled-rotten attitude.

She has snapped at him several times today, and I think he thinks she’s flirting with him.  Maybe she is.  I don’t know how dogs flirt.  Do dogs flirt?

It’s run, run, growl, snap, howl, moan, run, run, moan, howl, snap, growl, run, run.

Also, there are chewies strewn about the house in random places and it makes me think there is poop all over the house.  This house when Erin and I stay here for the weekend is like Erin’s mom and dad’s house when her brother and his family comes to visit.  “3 Ring Circus” doesn’t even begin to describe it.  Trudy will sleep all the way home tomorrow night.

Tattoo looks mega rad, by the way.  I took several photos but I’m going to wait until tomorrow so I have all the source images to do the blog post on that.  I’ll say though, that it’s the prettiest one I have.  Not the fanciest or the most detailed, but the colors are amazing.  ><

Enjoy today’s haiku:

I almost forgot
I have a rough draft of the
Vacuuming story

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