It’s 10:30 Sunday night.  After a wild weekend back home with the folks, I’ll have to say that it’s so, so, oh so good to be back in Knoxville.

I also have to admit that I accidentally forgot my digital camera at my folk’s house, so it could be 2 months before I see it again.  I had an awesome photo of my new tattoo on it to use for what was supposed to be today’s blog.  Looks like I’m going to be bringing home the SLR tomorrow night and doing the step by step entry like I did for my previous ink work.  But count on it.  Tomorrow, it will happen.

Not having the picture of the tattoo would have halted my plans for tonight’s blog, leaving me with a blank, staring at an even blanker screen, however, my family rocks super hard, and I have an awesome story to share about one of my favorite members.

My dog is weird.  She’s a diva.  She’s a punk.  She’s a princess.  She’s a brat and she’s spoiled.  I’m fine with that, Erin’s fine with that, and Trudy is certainly fine with that.  One of the things she’s a mega jerk about is faces she doesn’t recognize.  She obviously cannot remember my sister’s face, as she apparently growled at her a lot today, she often growls and most (if not all) men and most black people.  I have a small collection of mannequin heads and she hates all of them, too.  She hates when I put something up to my face, whether it be a camera or my own hands and she hates it when I take her by surprise while she’s snoozing.

Well she spent an entire weekend with my parent’s dog Chico so 10 minutes into the car ride home she was snoring.  And she slept.  And continued to sleep.  Then she moved and slept some more.  Almost home, it’s peaceful, dark outside, traffic was sort of light…Trudy awakens from her slumber and starts freaking out, barking her head off as if the devil himself was outside our car door.  After swallowing my heart and changing underwear, I calmed down and noticed that we had just passed an 18 wheeler.  She was barking before we even got to the guy’s cab, so she couldn’t of had been too pissed about the driver, so what was she so mad about?

I asked Erin if the truck had some kind of picture on the side of it to which she replied “I don’t know” only seconds before we saw the new face that Trudy despises:

Little Debbie
Trudy helps us on our diet

Enjoy today’s haiku:

We found out today
Trudy helps on our diet
Little Deb, beware!

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