So.  Tired.  Of.  Putting.  Stuff.  Off.

So what’s the best way to stop putting stuff off?

Stop.  Putting.  Stuff.  Off.

This will be a mega productive week.  I’ll be posting everything I finish today and talk about what I’ve read / heard along the way.  I plan on having my screenplay finished within the next 2 months…Though I guess I’ll have to since, ya know, it’s due September 1.  But I’m going to get it written, and I’m going to get a lot of other stuff finished while I do it.  Count on it.  I have 3 “One Word” writing exercises completed, not counting the one I’ve already posted here.  So I’m thinking about making Friday’s posts “one word log” posts for the week.  That’s a lame idea, I realize, but I’m a pretty lame guy.

I also want to state that today at Best Buy, a guy spied my “rude boy” tattoo from under my shirt and said “Hey, is that one of those ska dancing guys on your arm?”  He’s not the first, but he’s one of very VERY few that hasn’t said “what is it, a blues brother?”  Bless him.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

The fat man Justin
Thinks that he is going to
Tell me what’s healthy

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