Origins (necessary?) / mannequin head brought into home / art / eyelashes / fantasy figure / falling in love / teacher / mid-size city / cracking head / dreams and fantasies / modern times / painting of the head / girlfriend – wife / Jason (Jase) / drawings / do not come to life / anything ignored to focus on head / dream sequence / naming head / love / priorities / friend / obsession / horror TV shows / young / philosophy / boss / flying through the desert / art student / ignores self / figurines / head crack = crack in life


Jase is me, only a better traditional artist and much better looking.  Stereotypical art student dress and style, mopped hair, paint on hands.  He’s quiet with strangers and mysterious with friends, family and his girlfriend.  Girls love him.  His parents are also young but racist and homophobic, giving no true support for what he does because they do not understand it.  he has no relationship with them.  Jase is 24 years old and loves face.


“Your priorities can kill” / “What can you see in eyes of plastic?”

Working title

“Plastic Eyes”


Jase, Art, Order, Priorities


Enjoy today’s haiku:

What a lot of work
This has already become
I’m well on my way

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