Today’s chapter: The 9 minute movie

Page 01

Page 03
Jase is an artist and student with a lot on his plate and an inability to address them accordingly.

Page 10

Why can’t you focus on me for a change?

I have a million other things to worry about, I don’t need you to stress on me like this!

Well you’ll lose everything that’s important to you if you can’t focus on it every once in a while

Page 30
Jase brings home a mannequin head he found at school.

Page 45
Jase begins stressing about life and focusing on this head as his life continues to crumble.

Page 60
Jase commits to making things better.

Page 75
Jase considers destroying the head.

Page 90
Jase’s life has been dominated.

Jase dies for his art because of his mind.

Supposedly this will start spelling itself out more as I go along.  2 days of active exorcising has proved to be extremely helpful and useful.  More to come.


-Guess Who?-

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Tomorrow, July
That means I have just 2 months
To write this screenplay.

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