First of all, before I get into today’s  writing assignment, here’s something cool I did with WordPress today over the phone…Blogging by phone?  I think so!

Moving on now.  I start writing the screenplay next week.  More on my progress this weekend as I ponder, brainstorm and develop my story a bit more.  Today, I was given 3 minutes to describe my movie as if I were on the red carpet somewhere and E! said “OH JUSTIN!  You are looking FAB in your Edgar Allan Poe T-shirt, Rasta Adidas and blue jeans that are torn to shreds!  Tell us about your movie!”

“You got it Kayla*, now put your boobs away, I’ve seen them before!  My movie is about a young college art major who finds himself struggling with creativity until he finds a project that opens him up and eats at him inside.  As psychological issues eat at him, his family, friends and even himself, ultimately, pay the price for his obsession with the face.  Yes, Jase loves faces.  Especially this one.  Especially yours!”

*If E! has a reporter named Kayla, that’s purely coincidental.  Either way, the reporter would show her boobs.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Pay day was today
Bill bill bill bill bill bill bill
Pay day’s in two weeks…

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