Update on my script:
Today, I was assigned to write pages 1-10. I took what was supposed to be accomplished by page 10, and wrote it to page 12 :-) The good news? Only one person died! (I guess that’s good news?)

Anyway, as promised, it’s Friday, so here is my OneWord log (there are 10…should’ve only been 7…Not sure why)

The word of that particular day will be in Bold

06/24 Beach
The beach was cold for this time of year. The sand was even colder than the wind as I walked along the shore. My wife and kids came to mind as I looked down the beach at all of the seashells that scattered around. I remembered by son just as I saw the figure out of the corner of my eye…

06/25 Velvet
The velvet seemed to go on for days. I lay here on this bed. Darkness. The shackles are made of metal and something fuzzy. It’s cold in the room, but I’m naked. I hear the door creak open and she walks in, stepping with a twitch, carrying a lit candle and a ball gag.

06/26 Peculiar
A peculiar thing happened on the way to the garage that morning. Just going to get the paper and I was overwhelmed with the urge to look inside my closet. Something was there, and although I didn’t know it, I could sense it in some way. Almost as if a divine being had been guiding me this entire time. What I found would change my life forever.

06/27 Liar
I am not a liar. Ha! I’d never lie to my daughter. Such beautiful eyes and crisp, brown hair, flowing over her innocent little shoulders. I’d never lie to her. Never. A lie is a terrible thing, and that is why I’ve chosen not to tell her why I’ve carved her into 120 small, edible pieces.

06/28 Fossil
I swear, the guy was so old, he was practically a fossil. I didn’t see it coming. Walking up behind him, about to snatch the wallet out of his pocket, I could already see the pictures of his grand kids in the fold out picture frame. But I could not see the letter opener he jammed into my throat…

06/28 (again?) Spike
The spike ran straight through the wall. While it didn’t hit me, I could feel it, only millimeters away from my cheek as I pressed my ear against the wall to hear what was going on in the other bedroom…

06/29 Carve
I finished carving my name in the tree that shot to the sky above where I laid her beautiful head. Her hair was still as crisp and sharp as it had ever been. Save for the clotted blood that had gathered around the tips…

06/30 Trend
Who really cares about the trends of today anymore? All I care is that your shirt is thin enough for me to tear with my bare hands. You can accommodate that? Good. I’ll see you in 10.

07/01 Salute
I gave him one more salute before I walked away from the grave I made for him the night before in my back yard. His uniform was still in my living room, wadded up but overall stainless and perfect. Ha! I know what I’m going to be for Halloween this year, maggot!

07/02 Common
She said we had nothing in common and I laughed at her. She said we had no future and I laughed at her. She said she didn’t want to see me again and I laughed at her. She tried to walk out the door…And I twisted her neck until her spine popped…Then I laughed at her!

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Reached for the fruit cup
Instead of the cookie bag
Lord, this can’t be me!

One comment

  1. For some reason I laughed when I read fossil. Any of those would make a good writing piece…at least another short story.


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