Obey the Cow God: Beef (Turkey) Curry

Finally got back in the kitchen last night. With a recipe that I’ve been holding on to for a few weeks, ingredients I’ve bought for it well in advance and the best mood I’ve had in quite a while after work, I fired up the stove, the rice steamer and the iPod and got down to serious business.

I’ve stated before that I’m a big fan of the food blog Budget Bytes, and this recipe comes straight from there, though slightly modified a bit. Curry Beef with Peas sounded awesome for a variety of reasons: cheap, easy, tasty and an excuse to use curry powder, an ingredient I’ve never used in a recipe before.

At the recommendation of site author, Beth M, I used beef base in place of the beef broth and was very happy with the result. This may, or may not have, been a wise move as far as complimenting tastes go because instead of ground beef, I busted open a pack of ground turkey.

In the end, I think the turkey was an alright move, giving the dish a flavor that, in my opinion, was a bit better than what it would’ve been with beef – and I love cow.

Speaking of cow, I’m accompanying this post with one of the jams I rocked out while cooking last night:


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