This Week’s Finds 11/04

Well, yesterday it hit me harder than it has in the last couple of weeks. As many folks know, I lost 60lbs in the last year, bringing me down to “Justin as a High School Freshman” weight. What an awesome accomplishment; I was feeling good, was much healthier (I defeated a fatty liver), and I got the feeling of true accomplishment. And then in true October fashion, I was thrown violently from the rails of success, motivation and discipline. I realized I had become angry at the thought of “light” food I felt wasn’t “filling” enough or was somehow considered “Healthy.” This wasn’t limited to restaurants, either, as I was cooking much worse than I have in a while, what with the Lobster Mac & Cheese earlier this week and such. Then yesterday slapped me in the face and I realized that I have gained 11lbs and after a year of hard work, that is just unacceptable. I’m now setting out to drop that weight before Christmas, so it’s possible the food I feature here will be a little healthier in nature (save for this post, of course).

Anyway, now that that’s out of the way.

This week’s first find comes from DudeFoods and brings together both a magical food with a magical seasonal item: Pumpkin Spice Bacon. Follow the link to find out what the simple mixture he concocted to brush onto his bacon before baking it and be prepared to yearn for a good excuse to recreate this oh-so-delicious sounding masterpiece. I can even smell the photo. Weird.

For more, be sure to check out DudeFoods

This next one really does a lot for me because a) it mimics one of my favorite candy bars and b) it’s along the lines of a really cool Food Network Magazine recipe I have for a peanut butter and jelly cake. Coming from RaspberriCupcakes, we have The Twix Cake. Complete with cake, caramel and chocolate ganache, this recipe seems to be a little more advanced than the ol’ PB&J cake I spoke of, but it’s no less delicious sounding (and looking!).

This is rocking, show RaspberriCupcakes some love.

Finally for this week, a great way to end a particularly stressful work week comes Donut Shooters from the food blog MyBurningKitchen. Crack open a donut hole, hollow it out, put each piece in a shot glass and fill with mudslide mix? Count me in! I’m also thinking this would be an amazing holiday treat filled with some spiked eggnog, though the author also recommends plain milk or coffee in place of Kahlua, which works just fine for me, too!

Be sure to check out MyBurningKitchen for more sweet recipes and food ideas as well as check out the info on her comic “The Girl with the Donut Tattoo”!

All images belong to the original blog they are featured in (and linked to here). If you don’t like me using your images, please tell me and they’ll go away. Promise!

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