Something to put down in the history books. After a small dinner, Erin and I did some work around the house. A few hours later, we decided it was time for a snack and made our way to Burger King for a Buck Double and 2 Coke Icees.

Going back in time, I’ve found that although Burger King has offered the Coke Icee off and on for the last several years (probably last 10?) I could count (realistically) on my fingers how many times I’ve successfully received an actual Icee out of the half a million times I’ve tried to order them. The excuse is always that the machine is broken. Now I’m not an Icee connoisseur by any means, but I’ve been to convenience stores enough to know that these things run, and they run often. So why does Burger King have so much trouble keeping theirs running?

Our last attempt was when we were leaving Kingsport and hit a Burger King off the interstate with intentions of getting 2 glorious Coke Icees, and as always, the machine was “out of order” leaving us to drink a Sprite, a Diet Coke and a second Diet Coke I apparently accidentally ordered because we got it and apparently paid for it, too.

And then, on Thursday, July 8, 2010 it happened. For the first time in probably 2 years, a Burger King actually had what I had asked for. A Coke Icee. 2 in fact. So Burger King on Lovell Road in Farragut, TN, I salute you. Best…Burger…King..Ever…Fact.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Ska in two more days!
Reel Big Fish! Beat Officers!
Taj Motel Trio!

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