Several years ago, in the second in the series of the famous Captain’s Log videos, Erin and I are depicted in a hotel room in Gatlinburg, TN. I video the room, from the balcony to the bedroom, bathroom to the living room, kitchenette to the other balcony.

Wait, kitchenette?

Yep. And I made the comment that (paraphrasing, of course) that a kitchenette was all Erin and I really need because neither of us can cook.

My, oh my, how things have changed.

Normally Erin and I take turns cooking but I have taken the reins this week and have cooked every night. We’ve had seared New York Strip with baked sweet potato, honey mustard glazed salmon with rice, grilled Portabella mushroom caps dressed pizza style and tonight, garlic crusted chicken Parmesan pasta with spinach and mushrooms. Like this, actually:

I also have a diet cherry Pepsi cake in the oven…and earlier this week we enjoyed home made maple rum topping for our ice cream. This weekend? Look for home made grilled pizza and banana pancakes :-)

Must go now, the cake smells awesome!

Enjoy today’s haiku:

I forgot to say
In my moment of gloating
Erin can cook, too!

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