This week’s OneWord Log. As always, the day’s words are in BOLD. Also, tonight is sushi and Toy Story 3 night :-)

07/10 Scoop
Scooping out the sand from the bucket, I thought about our first date. I thought about our first kiss, the first time we made love…I thought about the first time she said she loved me, and then, just as I covered her head in the sand, I thought about how no one would even know she’s here once the tide rises…

07/11 Secure
The ropes were tied securely. Her feet dangled off the edge of the table. I laughed with giddy delight at the thought of the little feather I had brought with me to tease her with just before I sliced her torso like a thin piece of flank steak.

07/12 Forgotten
I had forgotten about the gasoline that I left in the back of my truck until I saw her driving off in it while I stood in the living room. I was in my underwear and it was in the dead of winter, but I was not cold, as the house burned down around me.

07/13 Lease
Our lease was up at least 2 weeks ago but they haven’t come back to the apartment ever since I held the landlady down and gave her a Brazilian wax with fly paper.

07/14 Pleased
I was less than pleased when I saw the job those worthless pukes performed on the two young girls. I mean, everyone knows that the fingernails come off before you pull the teeth out. It’s just standard procedure. If you want something done right, I guess you have to torture them yourself.

07/15 Leash
On her hands and knees, she then fell over onto her shoulder. She would have cried out in pain but the gag was too tight around her head. This would be the first of many, many times the whore would be attached to my leash.

07/16 Element
I knew I was out of my element when she asked me to talk dirty to her and all I could think about was the video game from the night before. Talk dirty? What did she want me to say? “Game over, bitch?” That’s pretty dirty…Right?

Enjoy today’s haiku:

I tried to play games
But lost. So I decided
To watch better guys

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