This will not make sense to anyone because it didn’t make sense to me.

Laying there quietly, thinking such a thing would not work. 15 minutes sounds like an awfully long time to remain quiet when you’re as loud as I am but I am by myself in the dark and I’m tired so surely I could do it.

With my eyes closed, I could not keep track of time so I’ll try to describe the wacky portion of it as best I can.

It felt as though it took about 5 minutes. 5 minutes of nothing happening was finally ended with the tensing of muscles and the feeling that a small weight was spinning inside my head. It didn’t hurt. Like a kinetic watch, though just barely missing my temples as it spun around. Faster and faster it spun before it crumbled and fell down my throat. I could see Fred Krueger looking down at me, smiling. I wanted to struggle but couldn’t. I wanted to open my eyes but knew it was fake. 2 smaller weights began to spin on each side of my head just like the first one, only this time Fred wanted to touch me. Reaching down, I became terrified and opened my eyes.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Listen to Metal
Listen to all the passion
And tell me God’s fake

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