Anyone remember that screenplay I started last month?  It was supposed to only take 21 days and now it’s been about a month and I never made it past page 50.  I was just finished.  I was running with my idea harder faster faster harder and by the time I made it to page 45, I was suddenly out of ideas.  I had the ending in mind, but if I stuck it in right there, I’d be lucky to make it to page 65.  So with that, “Plastic Eyes” was put on the shelf indefinitely.

But, there’s still a full month before entries are due.  And I really want to enter this contest to see how my work would fare up against others.  With that in mind, I went into the vault and pulled out the classic “Laura:  Zombie Gorgeous” and have begun working away on a new screenplay.  Day 1 and I’ve made it to the day’s goal of page 10.  I’m encouraged a little more this time as I’ve been able to rework some of the plot to eliminate the stupid parts and make the movie (possibly) a little more gruesome.  I may even include some of the Plastic Eyes elements into it.  It’s sounding pretty cool thus far when reading it as a movie so I’ll be sure to let you know how I feel about it over the next 20 days.  So far, though, off to a good start.

Kinda odd song (and band) that I’ve recently gotten into:

Enjoy today’s haiku:

My protein smoothie
To me, is often the best
Breakfast of the week

One thought on “08/02/2010

  1. Good for you. Just remember, if you wait for perfect, it’ll never happen. Run with what’s working for you, but keep your deadline in mind. A “perfect script” that doesn’t make the deadline has zero chance of being picked. A solid script that gets submitted just might win.


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