Continued working on the screenplay today, pages 11-30.  I’m a moron.

For those of us who are good at math, you’d know that page 11-30 is 20 pages.  With this in mind, I started typing away at 1:00pm.  At 2:20, I reached a stopping point and checked my page count and I was all finished!  Cool!  Right?


Your humble narrator only typed up 11 pages and saw that he was only on page 21.  So for almost an hour, I basked in the thought that I was an overachiever by one page and was already hearing them call my name as winner of the screenplay contest.  At about 3:10 pm, I realized my mistake and spent another 45 minutes – 1 hour knocking out the remaining pages.

The guide I’m using says to “write with your heart, revise with your brain” or as my colleague and fellow writer says “write with wine and proof with coffee.”  I don’t drink wine or coffee, but that has nothing to do with anything.  I’ve been “writing with my heart;” writing page after page, barely thinking about anything that’s going down on the pages, and I must say, it’s sounding pretty good.  My inspiration is my short(ish) story Laura: Zombie Gorgeous, but now, 30 pages into my screenplay, the story has taken a wild turn.  The characters are the same (mostly) but they have slightly different backgrounds, habits and one has a completely different profession.  I think it will work out for the best though, giving my audience a great mix of violence, sex and zombies, ingredients of a tasty horror flick.

So tomorrow I continue writing with heart (or wine…though I’ll be at work…So water…from the filter, but in a Dasani bottle so it looks nice and fancy).  Going to page 45 tomorrow, which is only 15 pages, so I think I can  handle that.

Erin and I share these things at work, enjoy:

From me (click to enlarge):

From Erin (turn your speakers on)

You Look Like a Blueberry

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Writer’s block “helper”
Wasn’t helping me too much
So I quit writing

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