Posting before din as I hope that we’ll watch Trick ‘r Treat tonight (thank you, Netflix!)

Update on the screenplay:  Day three was supposed to take me to page 45 and at my stopping point today I am on page 48!  “Big deal, that’s only 3 extra pages” you may say, and you are correct, but keep in mind that my previous screenplay only made it to page 44 and that was after a full week!  “Big deal, you still have 42 pages to go” you may say…And again, you’re correct…And I’ll get there by Sunday (hopefully).  Tomorrow is going to take me to page 60, or the end of Act 2 / beginning of Act 3, whichever happens more naturally.  I feel it becoming a little more difficult in the coming days, but we’re rocking it and we’re rocking it hard.

If we don’t watch the movie, I’m going to learn to play Poison’s “Talk Dirty To Me” on guitar tonight as influenced by Reel Big Fish’s slowed down version made famous on their “Fame, Fortune and Fornication” album.  I actually enjoy this version better than Poison’s which says a lot as I’m a pretty big Poison fan.  Enjoy:


Enjoy today’s haiku:

Hey everybody!
It’s hump day!  Know what that means?
Sushi in two days!

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