Tests of rain falling down on the millions who have blue fluid for blood. It’s a trick! Traitors follow blindly in the footsteps of the failing fathers and the fathers before them. A flag billows blindly in the breeze while the billions set up barricades of boisterous blunders. The eyes, they watch me, gears turning in my head, eyes burning into my skull. Close the blinds, I think I’m going to sleep in tomorrow and I must not be awoken by the television and it’s tales of deceit, lies and woe. Victorious. Mountainous. Legions of credit card paper workers cold calling peasants who follow along aimlessly with a crowd who does not know them. Smiley faces on a neck tie never seemed so beautiful and meaningful until the day I gave my life up for Jesus. He knows me and He loves me, just like that time I saw Him on the beach and He forgave me for whatever it was that I had done wrong in my dream. I know he’s the same in my waking hours and though I don’t see someone in the flesh, I see our Lord in everything I come into contact with, even down to the smallest little detail. I slumber, I weep. I find I no longer need those things that I once felt I needed. I throw them away in a basement trash can where they will stay until they are buried. Symbolism for the direction I want my life to go in.

But first, I need to lose 20 pounds.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

We went 6 hours
Without internet, and now
I’m gorging myself

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