Mark my words. I will have my screenplay finished by this time next week. And when I say “finished,” I mean all of the misspelled words corrected, all of the poor, non-dialogue grammar corrected, punctuation littered throughout, ellipsis overuse corrected and at least 2 scenes added to replace my fury of dream sequence placement. At first, I thought they were key to the story but after the read through I realize that I probably just put those in there because they took up a lot of space on the pages and in the back of my mind I was still looking for quantity over quality and I now realize that’s a terrible idea. I have at least 1 scene spelled out in my mind that I hope to get down on the paper tomorrow, depending on how long it takes me to iron out a lot of this Flash crap I’m having to work on at the office. I hate Flash almost as bad as I hate Adobe Illustrator. They can both die. Here’s to hoping I can master Flash once again and knock this out and get a lot done this week.

I have no reason not to. I treated myself to some new shoes, new ugly shirts, pizza and new music this weekend, so now I’m focused and ready to rock. We’ll see what happens.

One of the albums I picked up was “American Slang” by The Gaslight Anthem. At first I wasn’t entirely sure what I thought about them, but I’m starting to be a pretty big fan. Everyone enjoy this:

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Lord, hope I never
lose my job or my sweet wife
I’ll be mega bored…

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