The wind is blowing me down like a twig out of a tree. I fall to the ground and snap in one section and lay there for days, weeks even before the god of the machine walks by and tosses me. I snap again and lay on concrete for an hour and I am NOT afraid of what will come next, whether it be the chipper or the knee of the god, breaking me down to even smaller pieces that fit conveniently into a gray bucket to be tossed over the fence. I know where I came from and I know what I was and I know now that my purpose will still be served even though I’m laying on the ground and not hanging from a tree. Believe me when I say that that tree never knew what it had when it lost me and though it still doesn’t miss me, I’m a hundred times better off. Now I am stronger than a tree in many ways. Now I am no longer going to be a victim of the parasites once using me as their home. Now I am no longer a danger to myself, but a danger to those around me. Though I was once a tree, I am now several smaller, more useful and in many ways more powerful sticks with the sole mission to open your eyes to a world that hates you but we will love it in return. As the weather took away from me, I will still give back to the earth. Deal with it with static in the headphones, deal with it with bright colors on the TV.

Feeling a bit Patti Smith tonight. Listen to these:

Enjoy today’s haiku:

I don’t know what I’m
Going to do about folks
Using Explorer*

*of the Internet variety

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