Finally, a screenplay update!

I have been lazy as holy crap lately and after my re-read of the screenplay only made it to page 30 of the rewrite before my mind’s light went out and I lost all desire to write for a few days. It also has a lot to do with my recent work load, but that’s an excuse and excuses are not allowed. No sir, I won’t have ’em.

With that said, today, after I finished everything I needed to do I set out to finish correcting a lot of the errors, spelling, grammar and punctuation (there were a ton…HA, and I call myself a writer!). During my first read through, I realized that I included a lot of “dream sequences” which were a heavy part of my first screenplay attempt, “Plastic Eyes.” I didn’t notice it when I was writing “with wine” but certainly did during the read through that they were way too many and half of them were terribly unnecessary. So my next objective was to cut what didn’t need to be and reword what did need to be. After cutting, I flipped through my script quickly and figured out 3 cool new scenes that don’t necessarily progress the storyline, but they were needed in order to develop my characters.

After finishing the bulk of the rewrite today, I’m now at page 92 (before rewriting I was only at page 85 and I was shooting for 90 pages). I think I’m going to spend the rest of the day brainstorming more goodies, and possibly revamping another portion or two tomorrow, but having this baby ready for another read through later this week, tweaked and submitted by this time next week. That’s the plan at least. It’s not like I have many days to play around with!

Enjoy today’s haiku:

I really enjoy
Using Twitter much more now
Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet

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