Screenplay update and stuff.

What a lame writer this guy is. Second draft of the script was printed yesterday and me and the lovely lady sat down this evening to read through it. The original intention was to read through the entire thing tonight and make alterations and “touch ups” in all of the places that need it tomorrow and Sunday and have this baby ready to be sent on Monday. Although that Monday deadline that I set for myself is still firmly(ish) in place, the rest of it, not so much. We started reading and an hour and a half later made it through the first act (roughly page 32-33). It’s been a long and hard week and we’re both completely worn out so we decided to call it a night at the end of Act 1. No big deal. It will probably make the tweaking process go by a little easier since I’ll just be taking smaller chunks of the script and altering them as opposed to flipping back and forth through 92 pages of terrible story line at once.

Did I mention that even though I’ve proofread and made the necessary changes, there is still an abnormally large amount of spelling errors and typos? One thing I need to remind myself of, though, is that it isn’t perfect and no matter how many times we read through it and rewrite / alter it, it never will be perfect. It is a good story, though, told through some very good characters with some pretty decent dialogue if I may say so myself. Oh well, tweak and error correct of Act 1 and read through of Act 2 are both on deck for tomorrow. Anything else we complete tomorrow will just be the gravy.

In other creative, but not screenplay-related, news, I’ve started working on a redesign for my portfolio website www.justintsimpson.com. I initially wanted to use WordPress and found a killer theme to use, but once I realized how much I needed to alter the PHP and Javascript in order to make it usable for my needs, not only would it be much easier to just hard code the entire thing myself but also it would all but entirely remove all WordPress functionality from the site, thereby rendering it completely useless to even use WordPress as the bones. What I’m trying to say is that I’m just going to design a site that’s almost identical to the theme I picked out, only without anything I don’t need and with the addition of a few things I’d like to have but the theme didn’t offer. I finished the design phase of the home page today. Have a look!

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Lord, it’s finally
the weekend and I couldn’t
be much happier

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