I’ve written essays before about left and right wing politics, the unfair treatment of Native Americans, how Annabel Lee could (and should) be read as a love poem, and how the characters in Heart of Darkness were similar to those in Apocalypse Now. I’ve written essays about the impact the fast food industry has had on our lives in America and all over the world, the influence popular music and its lyrics often have on people and the people who claim it leads to evil. Yes, in my college years, I had the opportunity to write some pretty wicked cool essays, but never until today have I been given the assignment to write an essay about, you guessed it: SEX.

“Woah! Dirty word, Justin. You’ll end up with 500 views per day on your blog with a word like THAT in there. By the way, aren’t you a Christian?” That’s what a lot of you are thinking and that’s exactly what my essay will be about. My lovely grandmother is teaching a class at church about sex in the bible and how it deals with the subject, both in good and bad aspects and how we, as imperfect humans should deal with it. She asked if I could answer the question “What are some questions young Christians may have about sex?” That’s all I’ve got to go by, and by golly am I ready to give ’em an answer. While I’m not going to put anything that will totally embarrass my grandmother to say out loud, I am throwing all humility out the door in an attempt to reach some people who probably need to be woken up. Sex is a touchy subject in a church surrounding, but the fact of the matter is that it’s a gift from God and should be treated as such, not something you should be ashamed of and hide under the rug when company comes over. More on these topics as the essay comes together. Pardon that pun.

Here’s something I found today and shared via Facebook and I’d like to share it here, too. I found this today while on my company’s Myspace page and was suddenly reminded of why I deleted mine:

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Day 1: New Routine
Wore me out but I feel great
Won’t move tomorrow

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