At 11:30 pm on a fine Saturday night, I sit in my office after eating a cold, leftover cheese stick from Jet’s Pizza (new location right beside my office…Awesome!), chugging a nice, room-temperature water, trying to think about what to write about. Pondering the day’s thoughts and adventures, struggling with the thought of turning this blog into a “this is what I did today” which is something I do NOT want to do, at least regularly and thinking about how nice it will be to be fast asleep soon.

And then, inspiration struck.

From down the hall I heard what sounded like the voice of an angel. A voice heard only by those who are at the gates of Heaven or in the presence of God himself. It was the sound of my wife singing in the bathroom. But she didn’t sing songs of love and passion, or beauty and happiness. No, the song that came echoing down the hall, through the office door and into my ears was none other than the jingle from the old Domino’s Pizza commercial: “Gotta be! Gotta be! Domino’s! BUFFALO WINGS!”

I am the luckiest man on the planet :-)

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Leftover Cheese Stick
Sounds like a good idea
“SOUNDS,” being keyword*

*my breath is now horrible

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