Here comes a complaint:

It’s a Sunday, a few weeks into football season. Erin and I always watch the Titans’ game and the Colts’ game (and in December we’re combining the two with my folks in Nashville in the style of “live”). Today was no different. I have the NFL schedule saved on my iPod so I go to check and see the game schedule. Today, the Titans’ game is at 1:00 on “CBS,” and the Colts’ game follows soon after the conclusion, listed as 4:15 on “CBS.” The problem with that is that CBS isn’t showing anything except jibber jabber by the washed-up has-beens of the NFL who like to talk about the stats because that’s manly and terribly uninteresting to anyone who’s being honest.

No big deal, maybe they put it on the schedule wrong and someone else is showing the game, there’s usually AT LEAST 3 stations airing football on Sunday. But nope. That isn’t happening. Today, only 2 stations are airing football, one of them being CBS and now that the Titans’ game is over, we’re down to 1. After the ex-greats and big mouths quit talking about the sport they’re too old to play anymore finish talking on CBS they’re airing a rodeo? A rodeo? Seriously?

Seriously. Oh, and the usual third station is showing “Equestrian.” Because, ya know, the masses are dying to see several hours of these 5 foot nothing guys with fake accent ride horses around. It’s almost as exciting as Nascar!

With Direct Tv, if you don’t have one of the crazy sports packages that gives you about 15 hockey, 20 baseball and 15 basketball stations that we simply will never watch, you apparently don’t have access to today’s games. Come on, guys, even Charter is showing the game today and they’re the worst cable / internet provider on the planet.

Only a man who lives in hell should be subjected to rodeos and “Equestrian.” And you can take that to the bank, starring James Bond. Rated R.

Whatever. Here’s this:

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Well, I guess there’s no
more football for me today
On my TV day

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