I’ve gotta get rid of this dog. Not my own but then again nothing is really my own, just borrowed until it either rots, goes bad, expires, becomes broken, soiled, outdated, obsolete, useless, wantless or simply just garbage in which case it hits the bin or I give it to someone else who thinks they’re really getting a good deal. “I know the road to everything and it goes right off a cliff – nothing – nothing – nothing is forever”. Well stated by a band I’m so much in love with I feel like they’re close personal friends of mine but that sounds retarded and so do you. The laundry should be done but that can’t happen because then everything would be going according to plan whatever that means. It’s unacceptable to think like this and I often fuss at my family and bitch behind their backs at how mopey and down and negative they are but here I am being mopey and down and negative so someone please bitch behind my back, I deserve it. I cut off relationships and I am not a role model so stop modeling your roles after me.

Here’s this:

Enjoy today’s haiku:

How many haikus
Will I write before I just
Start on something new

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