If you ever wanted to meet someone who was too out of shape and lazy to hang 1 painting, I’d invite you over to my house and we’d play Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth on the PS2 while I do laundry. I have to rest…Tonight is pizza and Dexter / the Office night…Tomorrow will decide how the rest of my week will go. Less than 1 week until the Knoxville Horror Film Festival, here’s to hoping I’ll still be able to go!

Last night I dreamed that I got fired because my boss’s boss decided the company didn’t need two people in our department and in a fit of rage, I changed the password to my computer so no one could have access to it, then proceeded to steal the scales from the clinic. I went to see my grandmother who was in the nursing home that was also a Burger King and encountered my colleague who doesn’t have kids dropping his kids off at daycare. I felt bad for changing my password and leaving him hanging, so I told him what the password was and received a phone call from Brian Setzer who was offering me a job. No idea what the job was, but he acted like we were good friends and had been for a long time. I don’t know if this dream is a sign of things to come, something in my subconscious, a metaphor for something else or just plain gibberish in dream form, but I guess we’ll find out soon!

To honor Mr. Setzer for offering me the job (name that tune at the 1:28 mark):

Enjoy today’s haiku:

So maybe the job
offer was to become a
rockabilly star…

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