16 October, 2010:

Your humble narrator has returned from his short stay in New York City and while it was only for 2 nights, I have to say that it’s certainly good to be back in Knoxville. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the funky plane trips involving bitchy women, angry men and folks of all genders, shapes and colors bringing on “carry-on” items that were much bigger than my suitcase and expecting to cram it in the overhead. And don’t think that I didn’t enjoy the stop and go traffic, going from 60mph to slammed brakes every 5 seconds or so. I actually liked the grizzly old man out in front of our hotel playing the blues on an electric guitar and the dude dressed as Gumby who shouted “You got some gumbo for Gumby?” as we strolled past. The weather was pure hell the night we arrived but the rest of the time was cool and windy, therefore the weather wasn’t a problem for me, rather, it was preferable to Knoxville’s weather in my opinion.

While I enjoyed eating Shepherd’s Pie at the Ear Inn and a phenomenal Nigiri platter at Monster Sushi, our cab driver on Thursday night who was kind enough to wait for us as we were taken from the airport to the hotel, and then from the hotel to the Ear, my hair being a giant huge-curls mess, and being across the street from a place that was eager to fit me for a $59 suit-

-it certainly is good to be back in my own bed, with a window with a view, the Office on TV, my wifey in my arms and my puppy growling at me when she hears the Office theme. Now we find out Monday (or so) if we’re going to Colorado the following week. Gravy.

Here are some (dumb) photos:

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Security twice
Then once before I boarded
My ID was checked

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