Two more days. Two more days and then as far as I’m concerned this year can end.

Go ahead and be on the lookout for an extremely amateur review of day 1 of the Knoxville Horror Film Festival in the blog on Saturday and an even more amateur one covering day 2 of the festival on Sunday afternoon. We’ll see if I’m smiling because I won the screenplay contest or smiling even though I lost. I’m just mega happy that such a thing exists in a town where I live. Kingsport’s horror and concert scene hit the bin years before I was even born and all Morganton really had was the Brewery (I’m NOT complaining…I loved going to the Brewery!).

Apparently Kingsport is getting a horror con of sorts (again) on Halloween weekend. I wish them only the best and hope that they fare better than that Classic Movie Monster Con held by that dude who was just trying to dick me out of my time at AdventureCon and DragonCon that year. While I can’t say that his con flopped (I don’t really know, though it seemed to do pretty well considering how Kingsport has never had such a thing in the past), I have to imagine that this particular gentleman will not be hosting another con after hearing how he treated some of the celebrities who were in attendance (straight from their mouths, even).

So anyway, on the eve of the second annual Knoxville Horror Film Festival, I raise my glass of…Cranberry juice cocktail, on the rocks…and make a toast in hopes of a successful festival this weekend.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

A game downloaded
A fond memory of old
Harder than I thought

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