And tonight is the first night of the 2nd annual Knoxville Horror Film Festival! Tonight will consist of 25 films, local, national and international, up for competition in this year’s festival. I’ll be tweeting as it happens (@justintfirefly) if anyone is interested (and not here looking for chat roulette porn). I also plan on doing a short, amateur review of each night, and when I say amateur, I seriously mean that it’s going to be half-assed more than likely. I’m not going to take notes or anything, just hang out and enjoy a night of horror cinema. Tomorrow night is the award’s ceremony and the Knoxville premiere of the UK’s “Colin,” a zombie short put together on a $70 budget! If that isn’t motivation to do something creative with no excuses, I’m not sure what is. So blog out of the way, let’s go watch something terrifying!

Enjoy today’s haiku:

I don’t like Elvis
But I am copying this
Elvis CD now

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