As promised, I found “La Pinata” by Spanish director Manuel Arija de la Cuerda. This was one of my favorite shorts from the Knoxville Horror Film Fest this year. Manuel won last year’s award for Best International Film and as our host pointed out Saturday night, the folks in charge of the Knoxville Horror Film Fest like to stay in contact with previous winners. This is one of the latest from that previous winner and I certainly hope you enjoy it as much as I did. And please watch, it’s only like 3 minutes.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Bit my fingernail
and it doesn’t look like it
but it feels like it


  1. I believe it is Super 8. If I remember correctly, I think the film maker works almost entirely with Super 8, nothing digital. I just recently got myself an old Super 8 but I have no cartridges for it yet. It’s an expensive process nowadays, but there’s a certain quality about that Super 8 that you can’t get out of any filters in Final Cut!


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