Men’s Health often tells me what the best things to eat at certain restaurants are, where I need to go for the healthiest meals, what the lesser of the 900 evils are to pick from if you don’t have a choice, and what to drink no matter where you’re at. Recently, I read a killer article about drinks to purchase from the gas station for different parts of the day, whether it’s post-workout, meal-replacement, morning-pick-me-up or whatever. And while it wasn’t on this particular list, they’ve been discussing how good black tea is as opposed to green tea. I’ve been known to put back a cup or two of hot green tea from time to time, so I decided to fire up some black tea and see what all the noise is about. So, I bought some black tea at the grocery store this passed weekend.

I told my lovely wife tonight that I would like a cup of tea before bed, and for some reason she immediately broke into laughter. I think it’s because the tea I picked out is called “English Earle Gray” or something like that, so she immediately starting to mimic me keeping my pinkie out and going on about how I should be wearing a monocle while drinking this tea. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, I give you this:

Enjoy today’s haiku:

And for the record
This tea is really quite good
So chill…you bugga!

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