Everyone should know now about my cousins’ YouTube channel that showcases a variety of creative integrity, genius and DIY ingenuity in addition to producing the internet phenomenon known as the “Target Breakdown” series. If not, check out their channel here or entertain yourself with the to-date collection of Target Breakdown videos in an earlier post here, and then come back. I’ll wait for you.

I usually start my work days with a viewing of the previous day’s vlog, sometimes 2 or 3 if it’s a Monday and today was no exception. In today’s post, “Berto Got Ahold of Our FlipCamera,” a friend of theirs, presumably Berto, indeed handles the camera for the vast majority of the video, exposing the audience to an annoying, painful and nauseating volley of camera spins, racism, mild homophobia and a comment about how one of the guys was an idiot because they didn’t immediately recognize a Washington Nationals baseball team logo, confusing it for a Walgreens logo. Now while I’d love to write a long, drawn out post about how one is certainly not an idiot for not following a sport that never was any good in the first place, and how being “up” on such things doesn’t make one more of a man, smart, or cool in any way, I’m going to, instead, focus on how easily confused the two logos can be. Observe:

Sure, this particular Walgreens W logo is pictured, not only with the full word spelled out, but also visually with the image of the oversized medicine crusher, but take a look at that W. One doesn’t have to look too closely to notice that the Washington Nationals W logo is nearly identical with the exception of the extra rounded serif off the left side. If I were to go in and add a couple layers of stroke to the Walgreens logo, it could nearly be interchangeable.

I must reiterate here, that knowing your “stuff” about the sport of baseball doesn’t make you come across very manly or hip, nor does converting yourself from the Montreal Expos to the Washington Nationals in 2004, 103 years after Walgreens was founded, I might add, and nearly blatantly ripping off their logo. Plagiarism should be set aside for use by those who are failing the class anyway, obscure and struggling cooking magazines, and Coldplay. I guess they think too few people watch or care about baseball to notice. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a Walgreens hat. Score 1, for Teh Pecktol.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Horse on monitor
Encouragement on second
Happiness, goodness

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