It’s not that Erin and I aren’t celebrating Thanksgiving…

…But I would be a big, fat liar if I said I “get” the holiday. Not that it matters if you actually “get” a holiday, and no one ever said you had to in order to celebrate it. I’ve just been considering it a lot this week. It seems that the Thanksgiving holiday has become just like every other commercialized American holiday. It’s one day out of the 365 of the year, where we get together in crowded houses with family we have to paint fake faces on to impress the one (sometimes two) times a year we see them, stuffing our faces with turkey, stuffing and gravy, “Hey, I’ll have a slice of each of the 5 pies, too, mom!” Everyone has turkey, a lot of people do ham, and heck, a ton of families (mine included) usually have turkey AND ham, best of both worlds, served in a manner that I usually don’t really even enjoy until around the holidays. This year has become a contest to see who all can post that they are thankful for “my family and friends” via their status on Facebook. Because, ya know, if you put it on Facebook, it’s the same as making it official otherwise.

On November 25, 2010, families all across America gather in their homes, gorging themselves in a glutinous display of patriotism while families in their same town are going hungry, homeless, and without an extended family to welcome them. On November 25, 2010, families all across America are singing about everything they’re thankful for on this day, thankfulness that will be forgotten during black Friday sales and the next 364 days until we can do it again. Sounds like the American dream to me, and boy, I sure am thankful for it.

A happier blog tomorrow, promise.

It should also be pointed out that just before 8pm, during the last full week of November, we turned the air conditioner back on. What is. The deal.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Pumpkin pie cooling
The only traditional
Holiday item

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