One full day after I posted the long blog in review of Showbread’s latest effort “Who Can Know It” (Download for free (legally!) here), a visit to Altar’d State Christian Store in Turkey Creek this afternoon proved to be informative and encouraging as I was finally updated by one of the owners as to the status of my pushing to get Showbread to play there on their upcoming tour.

I was informed today by one of the owners that they are, indeed, interested in getting Showbread in Knoxville and that he was pleasantly surprised by their sound, presentation and lyrics. We’re now in the process of getting in touch with the band who will then (I assume) make us aware of what else we need to do (if anything). What an awesome thing to have going on! More on this as it happens!

Raw rock has ruined my life. You should do it, too!

Enjoy today’s haiku:

A gift from Netflix
Well, actually it’s their job
MXC Tonight!

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