Here’s an old poem from my days in Raleigh training for that dreaded Combined Insurance job:

I like to draw skulls in class
and I sit on the quiet side of
the room.
Sketching things is harmless,
it’s simply what I do.
I pay close attention and
pass every test.
My presentations are almost perfect,
but I draw skulls in class.
I’m with a dipper from out
of state. A fat pervert
and a 40 year old guy.
We all do very well
And I draw skulls in class.
Cranium, cheek, cheek
jaw, eye, eye,
nose and then 16 teeth.
Shade it, then explode.
I go home with knowledge
notes and sketches.

Also, here’s the video to the first single from Showbread’s new album, “Who Can Know It” called “You’re Like a Taxi.”

Enjoy today’s haiku:

My computer now
sports a “David Smith” sticker
I do not know why

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