If you like your Kool-Aid strong, go on to the next house because it ain’t happening here. The leaves want to blow themselves away, I can feel it, but the rain rain almost snow and rain rain ran ran row row rows into town and makes them stay put, mocking me because I haven’t found a good day to get rid of them. I’m the kind of guy who eats whatever he wants and quits working out for 3 months and wonders why he’s getting fatter. People who smoke and drink themselves to death are getting beaten on a bit but they don’t seem to have that kind of social pressure to stay “pretty” and hip to what the magazines say is beautiful and sexy. Skinny and active doesn’t necessarily mean healthy and I thank God for that because although I’m not skinny or active I’m really not in very bad health, though I realize in a mere 5 days I will be 26 years old, which isn’t anywhere near old enough for such a thing to be considered a serious problem and if I want to make it better I need to fix it. Fix fix fix but for what and why or how long? I’m not afraid of leaving this earth, I’m not afraid of being labeled an infidel or unpatriotic. I don’t even care if the Christians hate me because my bible has a New Testament. Not being afraid of death is one of the greatest feelings I’ve had in my life as I’ve slowly become more and more detached from this world. I don’t hate the world and I certainly look forward to it being made new again, but I’m certainly not a part of it and am glad of that. Lack of fear of death, however, really isn’t a very good excuse to not take care of your health while you’re here, so shut it, and if you’re one of those healthy skinny people, leave your comments about my health on the doorstep where someone will light it on fire and I’ll come running out screaming “Judas Priest!” and stamp it out with my work boots, though I do not own any at this moment. I’ll then find the pesky kids who did such a thing and welcome them into my home for a glass of Kool-Aid, but they won’t be happy unless they like it watered down, because that’s how it works at my house.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

A man in office
Isn’t enough to convince
Me that we are well

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