What an awesome weekend with the in-laws. I’m certainly an incredibly blessed guy to have them in my life. I certainly do not deserve it, but I have it, very much like some other things in my life. We discussed this weekend a message we heard at church a few weeks ago about how doing works isn’t going to get you into heaven, because if that were the case, heaven would be a reward, therefore wages, and what we have is Grace. Beautiful, Grace.

Today’s assignment discussed what we have in Jesus Christ, why we need it and why we should care. An illustration given is a teacher discussing a fact from a history book that gets disputed by students in the classroom who “believe” the answer to the question is something different. The teacher will then tell them they can believe all they want to believe anything they want to believe, but there’s only 1 correct answer and when the tests are graded, their answer will be marked wrong if it isn’t the 1 correct answer. Very much the same with Jesus and heaven. We can believe anything we want, that’s a freedom God has granted us, but when it comes down to the time when our tests are graded, there’s only one right answer that will get you into heaven and what an awesome answer that is!

For my journal, I was asked to write 1 thing I like about Jesus. How can you write 1 thing? How can you determine what 1 thing stands out above all else when referring to your Savior, the one who has turned your life upside down, RUINED it, even? Anyway, to comply with the assignment, I chose one of the things I have talked about in the past, even though it may seem rather vague. One thing I love about Jesus is those “Hey, I gotcha” moments he hits me with on a regular basis. So many times I’ve stressed over things I needn’t stress over, worried about things that are truly out of my control. In many ways, I was trying to lord over something I was not the lord of, and the second that I gave up that control, it was taken care of. Jesus snaps, points at me and says “chill out, kid, you know I got this.” How true it is. How awesome to know that he’s “got this” and I am so thankful!

Enjoy today’s haiku:

My babe and football:
She watches it more than me.
Monster? Created.

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