Several months ago, our church was advertising for some upcoming mission trips to foreign countries. Erin was interested in doing them, but I was hesitant because at the time I felt like in order to participate and get the fullest out of a church mission trip, you had to be a Bible scholar and well versed in all of the Biblical answers folks would be looking for and even those people weren’t exactly looking for. We didn’t do a mission trip because I decided that I’d rather try something locally first and see how that worked for me and if I felt comfortable doing such a thing, that I would consider doing a mission trip abroad. Later. Much later, actually.

And then I ate lunch today. Both in my writing class(es) and theater class(es) we were told that if we wanted to write or recite proper dialogue, the best way to brush up on our skills was to listen to people everywhere we go. Hear how they talk, what they say and when they say it. It has helped me tremendously in writing dialogue (though I’m still not confident in my dialogue writing – that’s a different blog all together) so I continue to do it, especially if I’m riding solo on my lunch break. Today was one of those days. I didn’t hear everything the guys said, but the young guys in the booth behind me were laying down everything it meant to be a “Christian” in their eyes, and they were saying it with confidence and with strong passion…

…And they were completely ignorant. Some of the things spewing from their mouths were just foolish, east Tennessee politic-fueled garbage that has become the very image of Christianity in America. At that moment, I thought “Why am I so afraid of helping those in need see the love of Christ when I’ve known it first hand, yet these guys who are as blind as bats to true unconditional love and Grace that they wouldn’t know it if it hit them in the face were spewing off facts and figures about their ‘beliefs’ so carefree and confidently?”

My answer: I have no idea.

My thoughts: Maybe it’s time to kick this up a notch. I’m feeling like stepping on some toes and sharing the goodness that has been showered on me with those who really need it. 2011 – I’ll see you there.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Work cut short today
Only worked six and one half
Feel like I’ve worked 12

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