Final day of the year, not the final day of the blog.

I mean that 1) in a way that means that I still have 4 days of blog before I will have reached the 365 day goal and 2) in a way that means that this blog will probably change format a little bit, but will still exist in 2011. I’ve had an awesome time contributing to this, my own blog, and I’m looking forward to a new year of total coolness. I think I’ll still post daily throughout January, but I’d like to think of 11 cool 1-month, daily projects that I could easily add to the blog. I’ve pretty much decided to axe the haikus and just call 2010 “The Year of the Haiku.”

I think New Year’s Eve is a pretty lame thing to celebrate – but that doesn’t mean millions of people across the world don’t celebrate it in drunken rages or in less-than-exciting yearly traditions of watching the ball drop on TV. It’s a new year – big deal. This has not stopped me, however, from making a short list of promises that I currently plan on keeping but know I’ll lose track of or stop caring about in just a few months if not weeks or maybe days. I will not list those right here.

Enjoy today’s (and 2010’s final) haiku:

So, I guess really
Three hundred and sixty one
Haikus made this year

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