January 4, 2011 – today – marks the 365th blog post to Mr. Simpson’s Blog. 365 blogs written, >25 pieces of fiction shared, >54 graphics created and / or shared, 313 photographs taken and / or shared, 284 statements made, and >110 videos created and / or shared. Most impressively, nearly 17,000 views. I thank everyone sincerely for checking out this weird project of mine. I plan on taking the rest of January to develop a plan for creative projects to take place the rest of the year. No more haikus after today. This makes it sound as though I’m taking a break – and I may – but it will be super difficult to take a day off from the blog, especially when I’ve done it daily for 365 days in a row. You guys are incredible. Be on the lookout for some mega rad stuff in the future.

Enjoy today’s haiku:

3 minutes of planks
Nearly killed this old, fat guy
I’ll do it again!

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