Two more haikus (counting this one)…Anyone sad to see them go?

I hit the weights tonight for the first time since September and I rocked it so hard even Willis Performance Training would be proud – it nearly killed me. Oh well, I guess it’s good for ya. After a good day at work and a hardcore workout, I decided it was time to play some guitar tonight, itching to play some Showbread as they were my soundtrack for my fat-burning workout this evening. Normally this means the door closes and the Les Paul gets plugged in but tonight I took a different route and went with Leigh, the beautiful Ibanez PF Series acoustic that my lovely wife bought me when we celebrated one year together (nearly seven years ago!) It’s pretty crazy that this year we will have been married for two years and together for eight, but that’s a whole other blog post entirely. No, I’m leaving this one with the song I learned to play tonight: Showbread’s “The Missing Wife,” an incredibly beautiful song that’s easy to play but I don’t know all the words yet, so it’s hard for me to play and read the lyrics at the same time…I’m learning, though! Enjoy it, then:

Enjoy today’s haiku:

Sometimes I feel like
Bugs are crawling on my legs
Just a phobia

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