Ha! No more date titles!

Pretty wacky stuff that I’m getting to switch up the blog a tad bit. Since all of my future projects won’t be daily, proof of a daily post won’t be necessary. For those who are frequent visitors – mostly those looking for Chat Roulette porn, you’ll notice that some things have changed. For instance, my categories, while still the same categories, no longer have a hierarchy. It’s no longer important. The “About Me,” “About This Blog,” and “Other Things I Do” links have all changed as well – even if only slightly. I also plan on utilizing tags a little better because WordPress now has a pretty rad little tag cloud widget that I want to incorporate into my sidebar once I have some better tags floating around in it.

For 2011, this blog will be as wholly devoted to creativity as I can make it be. We’ll start today with this cool little Twitter icon I made in Photoshop after following a neat little tutorial (and not doing it right – moron).

Enjoy today’s…Nothing at all :-)

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