Church Boy Blog, Appointment 10

We’re only a couple of weeks away from launching the blog devoted entirely to the Church Boy blogs that I’ve been writing, fully equipped with a co-blogger, my friend Wes, whom you’ll hear more about when the time comes. Until then, here’s appointment 10:

Scripture tells us that if we say that we, as earth-loving humans, are free from sin, we’re not only lying to ourselves, but also calling God a liar. I don’t know how people feel on the inside, but I can certainly say that I regularly encounter folks who seem as though they, indeed, are sinless, namely those I used to go – and those I currently go – to church with! What a shame, considering that the very blessing that is God’s Grace and the price that was paid for our sins, his Son Jesus Christ were all put into place and motion because of our sinfulness. When I came to Christ in late 2009, I finally admitted to God and to myself that I was one of the wicked and that I was in desperate need of the Grace provided by God through his Son. That’s step one, and it’s a step that we, as true Christ followers need to repeat on a daily basis. My writing assignment today was to list ways I have disobeyed the LORD’s word, then mark every one of them out, thanking him for his forgiveness. It follows:

“Things the LORD has forgiven me for [lately]:

1) Slipping out of my self-control vow. Porn used to be addicting, but its hold on me has been increasingly slipping.

2)Being short with my wife over terribly minuscule things.

3)Growing my pride to the point where ego is an issue, causing worry that is unwarranted – trying to lord over something I’m not lord over.

4) I can’t stop being judgmental about the following people:
a)Those who watch [and believe] American Idol
c)Patriotic People
e)Phony Christians
f)Those who fully support Hollywood
g)Homophobic people
h)Political activists, those they influence and those who think following it makes them intellectuals.
i)Those with money as their primary god.

There are more, but I know in my heart I can mark out every one of these. I’m guilty of them all, but forgiven for them all. Praise be to the One Who Saves!”

“But if we confess our sins to him, he is faithful and just to forgive us and to cleanse us from every wrong.”
1 John 1:8-10

I still want to put a haiku here…I may start doing it anyway.

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