Painting: The Wonkas

(copied word for word from – Lazy, I know.)

I don’t care which one you like better – you can’t deny that if Gene Wilder didn’t capture your imagination and a piece of your heart you can never give back in 1971, then Johnny Depp did it in 2005. The two films based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, have been running rampant in the heads of children for decades now and will continue as long as there are children with imaginations. These paintings are on 8″x10″ canvases and have a layer of purple acrylic paint and a dual-layered, black and white stencil of each brilliant actor while portraying the wonderful Willy Wonka. Each also contains a Wonka logo true to the style logo used in each film. Stencils were all digitally designed and hand-cut. These sweet, but not edible, treats are each $50.00 + shipping.

Both can be bought at my Etsy store, here

And I’m so glad you all asked how I made them – it’s been a while since I’ve included a video. Enjoy!

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