Josh Dies of Showbread – Illustrator Portrait

And little babies starve to death, emaciated, out of breath
Unfaithful wives make vows untrue, husbands beat them black and blue
Junkies vomit in the streets, writhing, twitching in their skin
Sell themselves to die some more, rotting from the outside in
Parents steal the innocence from their children, scared and shaking
Drink away the guilt at night, brings quiet to the endless aching
And evil men boast on TV, swimming in a sea of wealth
While misery beds honest men, and lonely people kill themselves
And everyone cries out Your name, as the world is raped by selfishness
And no one knows the way to heaven, we only know the emptiness
And the storm it rages in my heart, and the endless empty roars in my ears
My world is coming all apart, I’ve no strength left to dry my tears
And through it all I hear Your voice, breaking my heart, breaking my will
Calms the storm inside my soul as You whisper, “Peace, be still…”

Showbread: The Fear of God

If you couldn’t figure it out from the above, Josh Dies, lead singer for the hardcore Christian rock group Showbread, is a poet above all other poets. His words helped save my soul, his band helped bring me to Jesus, his mission and approach to art motivates me on a daily basis. I hope to one day meet the man, see the band live, experience what thousands before me have experienced; But until then, I’ll pay homage to him through this Illustrator / Photoshop portrait I did today.

Click to enlarge

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