State of the Bad Art Address 11/11

When I started Always Coming Soon, the intention was to use my art as my personal form of worship – using the tools, talent and motivation that the Father has given me to give glory to His name. And while I haven’t produced any new art for sale in my Etsy store (partially because I’ve been lazy – partially because I have been blessed with the opportunity to work on quite a few neat commissions instead), the focus and mission are still the same. The day my focus changes is the day I stop creating art.

With the holidays coming up, I have been thinking about running some specials on the remaining items in my Etsy store and getting to work on some new items to add to it. I would like to offer my art to anyone who thinks it would be a good gift for someone who likes bad art for the holidays while making a few extra bucks to help buy my momma something for Christmas – or buy those chairs we want for our living room – or buy a new tattoo (I want my next one so bad I almost can’t stand it!)

But that’s not what I’m going to do. Not now, at least.

I was alerted yesterday to the sad news that a good friend of mine from high school (who I unfortunately haven’t spoken with since then) lost his house to a fire. A house that served as a huge stepping stone in his life as well as a home for his wife and son (no one was at home during the fire, thus everyone is okay – physically).

While I genuinely feel that it’s worth praise that all they lost were just “stuff,” I also realize how difficult it is to start over, especially when you think you’re doing okay.

That’s why I want to help.

For the remainder of this month and for all of December, I am knocking off 10% of the price of all of my paintings and giving you FREE shipping. Every penny that I make from the art will go to the family. I will also give 50% of any commissions to them as well. I hope to add a few new items to the store over the next couple of weeks so be on the lookout for those, too.

Don’t think of it as a charity. Don’t think of it as something “good” that you’re doing. Think – and know – that it’s what we’re called to do as the bride, as the body and as the followers of the Shepherd.

My store can be found at

Coupon code for free shipping: SELAH

J / Always Coming Soon

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