Ellen and Dani

Just to prove I’ve not been twiddling my thumbs too much lately, here are a couple pieces of digital art I’ve recently worked on. Ellen was created entirely in Photoshop with a publicity photo of Ellen Page and utilizing a tool new to Photoshop in CS5 – the Mixer Brush tool – a canvas texture and a set of watercolor brushes. Process took me part of an afternoon, probably 2-3 hours, to complete. Dani was created in Illustrator utilizing a technique highly influenced by the art of pin-up artist Scott Blair. The “inking” was created with a set of custom brushes I downloaded from somewhere I can’t remember. I did not draw the orange – it’s a stock vector. This was taken from a sweet Halloween photo of Dani Radic, lead singer of rad Nashville ska act Soul Radics (post on them coming soon). That particular project took two afternoons to finish – probably 6 hours or so.


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