It’s ALIVE (and hungry)!

Let’s Wake This Blog Up

It’s no secret that while building the Food Network Kitchen at work, the company has been bringing in food trucks for lunch each day. This has been a pretty awesome experience, allowing me to get down on the food truck trend that has exploded in places like LA and NYC right here in Knoxville while simultaneously allowing me to eat some unbelievable (and new) food (some healthy, others not so much…) like spicy Korean tofu tacos, fried avocado tacos, Argentinian beef empanadas, mushroom and spinach crepes, chorizo and potato tacos, butternut squash / sweet potato / chickpea and ginger curry over steamed rice, and coffee & chipotle smoked pork tacos to name a few.

Now if you’re friends with me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter or follow me on Instagram (@justintfirefly), you know that I often share these photos – once getting me top spot in Foodbeast’s “Top 6 Instagram Photos of the Week” and twice winning me free lunches at work. Instagram is often ridiculed for the number of hipsters who use it to take filtered photos of their food and I have absolutely no problems being “that guy.”

Today was the last day of food trucks and I realized that I haven’t shared any of my food truck #foodPorn photos with this blog, so what better way to commemorate the end of an era by sharing my last chow from the food trucks at work?

The delicious Farm to Taco provided lunch today and I got down on a braised-beef burrito with pico de gallo, spanish rice, cheese and pinto beans with a fried chorizo and potato taco on the side, but that isn’t what I want to share. No, no – today, I’m unveiling what I chowed on (that was supposed to be dessert).

For the first time, Dale’s Fried Pies made their way to our office building this afternoon, hosting a variety of sweet and non-sweet fried pies. Word around the camp fire was that the stand got swarmed when she set up so I waited about 45 minutes for the line to die down. When I finally made it, I noticed everything had been marked off of the menu. The sole attendant behind the stand (whom I can only assume was Dale) greeted me with a beautiful smile but informed me that she was out of everything…Except Mac & Cheese. While this was disappointing for about 1 second, the realization quickly hit that she just told a (sort-of) fat man that loves to eat that all she had left was essentially deepfriedmacandcheese.

I took one off her hands.

Show her some love, would you?

Dale’s Fried Pies on the Web
Dale’s Fried Pies on Facebook
Dale’s Fried Pies on Twitter

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