Food Contest Week, Day 1

Man, an awesome week for food lies ahead!

While I don’t want to turn this blog into a full blown #foodPorn studio, it just so happens that its revitalization takes place at the same time as a fun contest they’re having at work this week. Late last week they announced, essentially, a food porn contest where employees are encouraged to dig into any 2012 Food Network Magazine, cook any recipe they find, snap a sexy photo and either tweet it or email it to the corporate office. Winners get a free lunch and a tour of the new FN Kitchen on Friday, deadline being Wednesday at midnight.

So I took to my short stack of magazines (I’ve only been with the company < 6 months) and bookmarked about six or seven recipes I thought would look good in a photograph. Turns out the deadline was sooner than I had anticipated, so the recipes were then rearranged so that what I felt would be sexiest would come earlier in the week, therefore getting a better chance of entering the contest.

Last night was night one and it featured Grilled Hawaiian Pizza. I picked up a ball of whole-wheat pizza dough from Publix, cut it in half, rolled it in some EVOO, stretched it out and grilled each side, topping it with grilled Canadian bacon (supposed to be ham, but I like CB better), grilled pineapple, and hand shredded sharp cheddar and Muenster cheeses.

I've not quite got pizza on the grill down yet, but I'm trying very hard. This is a photo of the better looking of the two. Still tasty looking, though I doubt it will gain entry into the contest.

Tonight comes another awesome recipe I'll post tomorrow, followed by a last-minute desperation attempt at a third recipe on Wednesday to be posted the day after. I'll also be posting those items I bought the stuff for but won't make the cut before Wednesday just for fun and because I like doing it.

Anyway, enjoy Grilled Hawaiian Pizza, a Food Network recipe!


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